Book Plates

Book 000Genesis

  1. (((front cover)))

    lunar alchemy simple revised plate
  2. Lunar Hermeticism

    plate 4
  3. GenesiThe geometric descent of the light

    descent plate
  4. Aspects on trigram

    trigram aspects plate
  5. Lunar alchemy

    plate 5
  6. Pyramid buildingAlchemy

    quad plate
  7. Archangel orientation space

  8. Pentagramatonic alchemy

  9. Alchemical trees of life

  10. Tree Planesrelation + emanation

    relation versus emanation plate
  11. lunar leveling

    lunar leveling plate
  12. Levels, triads, veils

    plate 3
  13. Triple Opposites United

    plate 3
  14. The hidden paths

    plate 6
  15. Heliocentric cosmology

    heliocentric cosmology plate
  16. 777The house of the sun

  17. Flower of Life + Tree of Life

  18. Empty tree paths

    empty tree plate
  19. Cloud tree

    cloud tree plate
  20. lunar alchemy simple

    lunar alchemy on white plate

Book 111Linguistics

  1. (((front cover)))

    231 wheel build plate
  2. OverviewConnectivity in Linguistics

  3. 231 path letter wheel

    plate 2
  4. 5 language letter comparison

    plate 3
  5. word number value key

    word number value key plate
  6. simple path attribute list

    simple path attribute list plate
  7. chakra system with sanskrit transliterations

    plate 6
  8. 5-star wordgrams

    five star wordgrams plate
  9. 6-star wordgrams

    six star wordgrams plate
  10. 7-star wordgrams

    seven star wordgrams plate
  11. Word lens number system sigils

    plate 5
  12. Aspect connectivity via infographic generation

  13. Tarot deck on tree

    tarot on tree plate
  14. Astro glyphs on tree

    astro glyphs on tree plate
  15. Astro glyphs on skywheel

    astro glyphs on skywheel plate
  16. Cycling astro-logical tree

    astro cycling tree plate

Book 888Xeno-Linguistics

  1. ((()))

  2. ((()))